Evil Eye Butterfly

These are all the pieces I used to make my picture frame for the Minois Drayas Butterfly. Top Left is a photocopy of the pages in Battle Angel Alita that have this butterfly on them. Below that is the glass. On the right are the 2 pieces of the picture frame.

The 2 pieces of the picture frame are shown here from the back. The glass is placed inside first. Notice the white stuff down the bottom of the bigger frame. That is camphor and is used to preserve the butterfly.

The photocopies of the Alita pictures where glued onto a hard cardboard backing. Then a small piece of cork was glued onto the front of the picture, near the center. The butterfly is then pinned onto the piece of cork. Minois Drayas butterfly is not local to my area. And I haven't been able to import one from anywhere. So in the meantime I'm using a butterfly called "Evening Brown". It is the closest native butterfly in looks to the Minois Drayas (the "Evil Eye Butterfly") that I've been able to find.

Final product is seen here!

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