How to make a TR55

First I found I had many white Pipe-cleaners. And becase I knew I needed some pink ones, I dyed some of the white ones pink. This is how badly they turned out..

So I went to the shops and bought a packet of multi-coloured pipe-cleaners. As you can see here. In the pink pip-cleaners I bent "feet" in one end, then put a right-angel in it. Then cut the length, making it a bit longer than necessary and adding a hook on the end of it. Into the hooks put some thread and threaded it through the ears and feet with the cotton ball body in the middle.

I then made the "ears" from white pipe-cleaners. I then sowed the thread through the white pipe-cleaners and the pink ones so that the were held to the body.

You can see the ear shapes better from this top view.

Finally I mde the "eye-ball" from cardboard. Drawing the eye shap and colouring it in onto the carboard. I then glued some velcro onto the back of it, so that it stuck to the fuzzyball of cotton.

Another piccy of the final product.

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