Hex Oust Strategy Guide - Terminology

Live & Dead Groups LIVE GROUP - a stone or group of stones that cannot be captured by the opponents next turn.
DEAD GROUP - a stone or group of stones that your opponent can capture at anytime they please.

Actual and Potential Group Sizes (rough) ACTUAL GROUP SIZE - The total number of stones that are currently connected.
POTENTIAL GROUP SIZE - Is the Actual Group Size + any extra stones that can be added by getting enemy Dead Groups.

Black's Only Free Move FREE MOVE - A move that can be played such that it does not create a Dead Group.

Black's Draw-in Capture DRAW-IN CAPTURE - A move that creates a Dead Group such that if the opponent does capture it it makes that enemy group a Dead Group. (So a Dead Group that if captured makes the capturing group a Dead Group).

Black's allows an Adjacent Capture ADJACENT CAPTURE - When a player places a stone next to an enemy group so the stone places is a Dead Group and the enemy group can be expanded in any direction except where the Dead Group was placed. (Try and Avoid this - rarely is it good)

Black's next move must be a - Forced Error FORCED ERROR - When a player must make a move that will help an enemy group grow.

If Black plays on the yellow hex it's a Joint Attack JOINT ATTACK - When you connect 2 of your groups to kill an enemy group.

If Black plays on the yellow hex it's a Double Kill for Black DOUBLE KILL - When 2 enemy groups are seperated by 1 hex, you can perform a "Joint Attack" by moving your group so that it can capture both enemy groups with one move. (Never "Attack the Head", always attack to one side of the "head" move.

Black has an Enclosed Space ENCLOSED SPACE - When an area of the board is surrounded by your stones, such that the enemy cannot make a Live Group that is larger than your group that has them surrounded. This is very good if you can get it!

TOTAL NUMBER OF GROUPS - Number of Live and Dead Groups.
TOTAL NUMBER OF DEAD GROUPS - All the Dead Groups of one player.
TOTAL NUMBER OF LIVE GROUPS - All the Live Groups of one player.

MAX POSSIBLE GROUP SIZE - Because for each enemy group you can only add 1 stone, by adding up the Total Number of enemy Groups and adding that to the Actual Group Size of your largest group.

Both Groups can attack and are the same size making them Equal and Opposite EQUAL OPPOSITE GROUPS - When there is an enemy group of the same Actual Group Size as your group are seperated by 1 hex. Whoever attacks first kills the other group.

Both Groups can attack if the other player plays on the yellow LEAD IN CAPTURE - When there is a hex such that if the opponent plays on it then the enemy group can then be captured after you capture the stone placed on the Lead in Capture hex (marked in yellow in the diagram).

OPENING STAGES OF GAME - While there are still Free Moves on the board.
MIDDLE STAGE OF GAME - No Free Moves only Forced Errors can be made.
ENDING STAGE OF GAME - 1 Player has a group that is larger than 1/4 of the board.

There are 44 maximum possible Free Moves on an 8x8x8 board (169 Hexes)
[A1, C1, E1, G1, A3, C3, E3, G3, I3, A5, C5, E5, G5, I5, K5, A7, C7, E7, G7, I7, K7, M7, C9, E9, G9, I9, K9, M9, O9, E11, G11, I11, K11, M11, O11, G13, I13, K13, M13, 013, I15, K15, M15, O15]

13 Stone is all that is needed to fill the entire board with single group stones. [H8, C3, H3, C8, M8, H13, M13, E3 OR F3, C5 OR C6, J5 OR K6, E10 OR F11, M10 OR M11, J13 OR K13]

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