Historic Shogi Quotes

"Once Lord Masaie was playing shogi with Lord Hideyoshi and there were a number of daimyö1 watching. When it came time to withdraw, although Lord Masaie could stand, his feet were numb and he could not walk. He made his withdrawal crawling away, causing everyone to laugh. Because Lord Masaie was big and obese he was not ordinarily able to be on his knees. After this event he thought it would not be fitting to be in attendance anymore and began refusing such duties.2 " (page 97)

1. Daimyö: a feudal lord. (page 174)

2. A request from Toytomi, the most powerful man in the country, to play shogi amounted to a duty. (page 172)

From the 6th Chapter of the book: "Hagakure - The Book of the Samurai" by Yamamoto Tsunetomo (1659 - 1719). Translated by William Scott Wilson. Kondasha International 2002.

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