Finding Shogi

Lone Wolf and Cub Thumbnail I was reading a manga called "Lone Wolf and Cub" (volume 12), and it mentioned the word Shogi. Now, one of the things I love about this manga, are the historically accurate parts they have in the story. As such, they sometimes use the Japanese words (like 'Shogi') and have a glossary at the back of each volume. So I looked up the word "Shogi" in the glossary. It said - "Shogi - A Japanese board game, with rules similar to chess". This intrigued me so I then searched the net to discover how to play. I downloaded a free program, Steve Evan's "Shogi Variants Version 1.55a". This has a good interface and is easy to learn from. The computer AI is really easy (it still beat me the first couple of times I played it). Now I can beat it when I have my King, one Gold general and all my pawns! Since then I have downloaded pretty much every version of Shogi I could find for free. My favourite is Sekita Shogi, good interface and it plays pretty well. I am on Shogi Club 24, I am currently ranked 14 kyu.

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