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Shogi Club 24 Play Realtime
81 Dojo Play Realtime
Play OK - Shogi Play Realtime
Game Center (many games including Shogi) Play Realtime
Yahoo Games Play Realtime
Dual Pose Turn-based
BrainKing Turn-based
Little Golem Turn-based
Game Courier Turn-based
GoldToken Turn-based
Richard's PBM Server email-based
Ham Shogi Flash Shogi game play against a computer opponent

Shogi Links

Micro Cosmos A web-comic about Shogi.i
Wonderful Shogi World a blog about 3 Shogi games played between w1allen and myself
Shogi Net All you need to know about Shogi
Shogi Vault A comprehensive guide to advanced Shogi
Steve Evan's Shogi Variants Version 1.55a Free Shogi program (easy with a good interface)
Sekita Shogi Sekita Shogi homepage
Shogi Vs Other Chess games by Larry Kaufman
Shogi Vs Chess
Gamers` Esperanto or Thesaurus of Shogi by Sergej Korchitskij (1 dan, Belarus) Shogi Vs different Games
Shogi Puzzle Arrange all the Shogi pieces so they miss each other - Java puzzle.
Broadband Shogi in Japanese
Learn Shogi site to help you get a Kurnik rating of 1500 or more.
Shogi in Australia
A Shogi Documentary
Shogi Hour Shogi Animation
Shogi Society Report of the Shogi Society
Shogi MeetupMap of Shogi players around the world.
ISPS International Shogi Popularization Society (in Japan).
Reijer Grimbergen Good Homepage - includes - Published Papers on Computer Shogi Algorithims.
Okada Kenshu Collection A Collection of Shogi (Japanese Chess) Books
Ancient Koma National Maritime Museum of Korea
9x9=81 Lots of Strategies.
Frapper Maps A map of the location of various Shogi Players around the world.
Shotest 3D Computer Shogi Game

Kinokuniya Bookstore Australia

Christianity is True My other webpage - devoted to Christianity.
Christian Manga Links to various Christian mangas.
Gunnm Paraphernalia Various things related to Battle Angel Alita
Hex Oust Strategy Guide My tips and ticks to playing Hex Oust
Christian Anime Project

The Redlands Presbyterian Church The church I worship at.

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