Christianity is True

How can I be forgiven all my sins?

Calvinism Explained

Bible's View of War

If God Created Light in Transit Would that make Him a Liar?.

Treasures in Heaven.

God or Money?

Jesus'Apologetics part 1

Jesus'Apologetics part 2

Who is the Sluggard?

Does God Directly Create Evil?

Can Someone who has Never Heard the Gospel be Saved?

A Prophet like Moses.

Homosexuals and the Bible.

Sex and the Bible.

Food and the Bible.

Leaven and the Bible.

Why does a God of Love allow Evil?

What is the gospel?

The Nature of the Law

Jesus' Words are Spirit

Judas in the Gospels

Your Faith has made you well!

Are Atheists fools? [Psalm 14:1a]

Is it ok to offer women to a mob to save one's guests from the mob?

Is the number of the beast 6,6,6?

The Moral, Civil and Ritual Laws.

A memory jogger to help people to remember what the Fruit of the Spirit are.

Is it ok to use psychic powers?

Jesus' Good Confession

Semantic Word Games...

The 7th day, which day is it?

What happened to the Ark of the Covenant?

How does God choose the elect?

The 3rd Part / Fire from Heaven

2 Represent 1

Thoughts on Prayer

How did biblical Jews quote?

I have the mind of God, really?

How is the Devil / Satan portrayed in the Scriptures?

Was Noah's flood global or local?

Did Jesus use only positive words to commmand people?

Einstein's view of time and the Christian...

Living and Dying by the sword - is that an absolute truth?

Does dominion over animals mean destruction of animals?

How Effective was Elijah's prayers?

Can one be commanded by God and not know it?

Are the Law and the Gospel at odds with each other?

"I tell you the truth" OR "I tell you the truth today"?

How should a Christian react to someone who burns the Bible?

Should Christians pray to dead saints?

When someone receives the Holy Spirit does that mean they never sin?

God's Law of Marriage...

The Importance of names in the Bible.

Two people named Lazarus...

Should we rely on experiences or on the Word of God?

Philosophy Articles

Prophecy Articles

Articles on the 10 Commandments

How can I be saved?


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