Restaurant of the Soul
Story by
Makoto Fujimura
Michael C. Sack

Art by
Kenji Yagi

Music by
Yoshihisa Sakai


Pages are not numbered in the book, so I have counted "page 1" as the first page with pictures.

page 6: "Help!!"

page 7: "Yukio...Help!!"

page 14: "Hey, do you remember me?"

page 16: "He will come soon"

page 19: "Your mother often cooked it for you in the house at Kamakura, right?"

page 26: "This is the pet rabbit that you had, right?"

page 29: "Mother..."

page 40: "Sorry boy, that guy is a little strange"

page 42: "What's up so suddenly? Strange guy..."

page 43: "Strange guy..."
"Boy, don't take such a strange [rabbit], choose from here"

page 45: "Mother... I want this rabbit!"

page 49: "Yes that's right, the rabbit took my asthma at that time..."
"Yes, surprisingly. But you got it again, right"

page 52: "You are drawing a rabbit. What's the colour of the eye?"
"Red...huuun, maybe different, it looks various colours and then various things come to mind."
"My asthma...but I don't think it's hard."
"Inside the eyes of the rabbit. There are various colours. We human are also full of various things, such as hard things, sad things and happy things...We shouldn't turn our eyes to only one thing."

page 60: "It seems you remember, right?"

page 61: "But why do you know about me?"
"From when have you known me?"

page 66: "Surely when the rabbit died, it took your asthma away from you. But that was a temporary thing. You knew that something touched your heart and you were cured by it but it seems you are trying to live by yourself, turing your gaze away from reality again now."

page 68: "But I have made an effort until now!"
"Like everyone..."
"I don't need somebodies help"

page 69: "You surely have made an effort. You managed something well with the people around you, but aren't you forgetting something else"

page 72: "Maybe you came here to listen to something?"

page 73: "Come"

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