Anime Opening Song

Trying to get an anime intro song made for the manga 教派擬人化漫画 (Anthropomorphic Religious Manga Pyuri-tan). The manga is similar to Hetalia: Axis Powers but with Christian Denominations as the characters instead of countries.

The manga has the following characters -
ピューリたん Pyuri-tan
アングリカンくん Anglican-kun
改革派くん Reformist-kun
メソジストくん Methodist-kun
カトリックくん Catholic-kun
ルーテルくん Luther-kun
救世軍さん SalvationArmy-san
正教会くん Orthodox-kun
無教会ちゃん Non-Church-chan

We need someone who can write Japanese song lyrics. The theme would be the "Church Invisible". Please contact us via our facebook page if you can do this.
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