Battle Angel Alita Paraphernalia


There were 1000 TR55 spy units made to scan the scrapeyard for fighters. Kimji is probably the most famous of them. But Kimpo and Kimpi also make an appearance in Last Order. Learn how to make a TR55.

Gunnm Plush Doll

After seening the chibi Alita in the original series I wanted to make an Alita Plushie. So I did! Maybe one day I'll make a Sechs on too...

Evil Eye Butterfly

Alita is afraid of one thing - the evil eye butterfly. This butterfly's scientific name Minois Drayas. I've made a special picture frame to showcase theevil eye butterfly.

Era Sputnik

Arthur Farrel, the grandson of John Farrel and the great-grand son of Kieran Farrel, was the inventer of the "Era Sputnik" calendar. He was a surivor from the Bradley shelter and later moved to Star City. It was sometime before the year 173 ES (Era Sputnik) that he invented this calender.

Click to convert from the western calander year to the era sputnik year. This requires java.

Gunnm Gallery

Some paintings and drawing of Alita can be seen in my Gunnm Gallery.

Chinchirorin - Dice Game

In Robo-Asyl some 7 robots are gambling playing a dice game called Chinchirorin. Now you can see them play the game...

Gunnm Links

Gunnm Links